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education work area

Sis. maxine campbell, chairperson

This work area provides and promotes regular, special, and unique educational opportunities that challenge the mind, enliven the spirit, and lead to a deeper understanding of God and Jesus Christ. The work area works with other ministries to provide learning experiences for people of all ages so that they may grow in their spiritual understanding of the gospel. Church School, New Members Class, Bible Study, Vacation Bible School, Higher Education and Campus Ministry, History and Archives fall under the auspices of the education work area.

Superintendent of church school

The Superintendent of Church School is responsible for overseeing Christian education, primarily in the Sunday School setting, that helps people of all ages grow in their understanding of the Bible and their Christian faith. 

Higher Education/Campus Ministry

Sis. Felicia Stewart, Chairperson

This ministry works to support students in the congregation who are away at college and those who are preparing for college within the congregation. This ministry also connects the congregation to United Methodist colleges and scholarship opportunities.

Scholarship Aide Committee

Mother Arburta DeShong, Chairperson

The Scholarship Aide Committee is responsible for raising scholarship funds for high school seniors who are active in the congregation. Annually, this committee gives high school seniors a one-time scholarship as they prepare to matriculate to their chosen colleges and universities on Student Sunday.


Sis. Shirley Stewart

The church historian helps document the church’s historical identity by recording important milestones in the life of the congregation. The historian has the responsibility of recording, archiving, and displaying all articles pertinent to the history of the church and connecting that history to the larger history of the United Methodist Church as a whole. Traditionally, at Parkside, the church historian also spearheads the church’s annual anniversary celebrations.

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