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Reverend Alice Cook


Rev. Alice Cook has been a member of Parkside U.M. Church for over 40 years. She has served as Thursday night bible study teacher, Sunday school teacher, Prayer Ministry coordinator, coordinator for Mother’s Day service, coordinator for Good Friday service, Membership chairperson, coordinator for the National Day of Prayer, and. represented the church during Camden’s annual March for Jesus and served as Lay Speaker.



Rev, Cook served her community as bible teacher at Haddon Renaissance, Camden N.J. until its closing, she has served as representative for O.E.O. (Office of Economic Opportunity), she has been a member of Intergovernmental Relations, served as Pastoral Care at Cooper hospital, Camden N. J. and a volunteer at Planned Parenthood, Camden N. J.


Rev. Cook received her license as a local pastor under the Southern N.J.  Annal Conference in the year 2000, and was appointed to Wesly U.M. Church in West Berlin N. J.  She served as an adjunct pastor at Fairview Village


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