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NUTURE work area

The nurture work area ensures that there are active opportunities for Christian fellowship within the congregation. To this end, this ministry area focuses on bringing together different groups to learn more about each other, to foster care and concern for each other’s Christian walk and lived experiences, and to promote a culture of Christian love and compassion, inclusion, understanding, and forgiveness amongst the congregation. Included in this work area are the United Methodist Men, United Methodist Women, Youth Council, Young Adult Ministry, Shepherds Ministry, Willing Workers, Methodist Youth Fellowship (MYF) and Senior Adults’ Golden Age Club.

Senior Adults/Golden Age Club

Mother Edna Worlds, Chairperson

The Golden Age Club ministers to the senior adults in the congregation. This ministry addresses the fellowship needs of our most senior members by planning spiritually based outings and events for them to come together as one. 

Methodist Men

Bro. Waverly Singleton, Chairperson

The United Methodist Men, as an extension of the larger denominational ministry, ministers to men of all ages in the congregation. This ministry works to promote opportunities for the men to come together to fellowship and grow in Christian love.

Methodist Youth Fellowship (MYF) ​

The MYF ministry caters to teenagers ages 12-18 years old in the congregation. This ministry provides opportunities for teens to fellowship while building upon the foundations of their budding Christian journey. The ministry workers coordinate overnight trips and other activities to keep the teens engaged in the life of the church.


The youth advisor works with children of all ages in the church to address their needs and assist in their growth and development in the Christian faith. The youth advisor monitors activities that support all the youth and ensure that the youth have ample opportunity to participate in the life of the congregation. The advisor also advises other leaders working directly with youth on how to best communicate with them as the leaders together strive to help the children grow into responsible Christian disciples.

Youth to

 Bro. Calvin Bell

The Youth to Council participates as a full member in the discussions and decision-making processes of the church council. The youth to council serves a unique role as he brings the voices and concerns of youth in the congregation directly to the attention of the council.

Shepherd’s Ministry

The Shepherd’s Ministry is motivated by the desire to ensure that every single member, whether they are able to attend worship or not, are remembered, nurtured and honored within the congregation. When members join the church, they are assigned to a Shepherd, who periodically checks in with them about their experiences and opportunities to utilize their gifts within the congregation. The Shepherd’s ministry also devotes itself to communion distribution to those unable to attend service and visits the sick and shut in regularly.


Sis. Debora Riggs, Chairperson

The Willing Workers ministry serves as one of the caring arms of the church. Willing Workers serve in a multitude of areas, from ministering to the bereaved to preparing dinners after special church services. The Willing Workers also assist with other ministries, including the Shepherds ministry and the Food Pantry and Food Bank Ministry in the church’s ministry to the community at large.

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